how to promote your youtube video with your business keywords

Let’s just say, you have a great youtube video to share with everybody, but no one knows that the excellent video exists.

If you have enough money to promote your video, it is very easy. Go to Google Adsense and set up an account and allocate the budget and location of your targeted area. That’s it.. most of other keywords matter will be taken care by Google Adsense team automatically.

But, if you are business owner, you might wonder how to be on top Google search result for your business keywords like you made on
Here is some example of mine.

in Google Search: “web design El Sobrante CA

My youtube video is on 1st page. Also, my Yelp listing is on top of search result.  My next project is promoting my new youtube video in a big city like Oakland California. It will be Web Design Oakland CA USA.

Right now, it is not so much, it is only on 4th page. It requires a lot of work for this videos.
I will update the progress report later on following my blog.

To promote your youtube, you need to give the proper name on youtube title first, then that video URL should be link with keywords. and you will need to post your blog sites. that’s all. and wait for 1 month. and check  your ranking.

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